Moss & Floret is a unique and innovative floral design and event company specializing in floral arrangements and event decor. Their custom gift and floral baskets are a lovely addition to any event or special occasion.  Founded by Meisha Essex and based in Red Lodge, Montana.  They provide exceptional floral arrangements and decor for some of Montana's finest events, weddings, businesses, private homes and more.  Moss & Floret was created out of a passion for all things botanical and making special events not only beautiful but exceptional through a love of creativity.

 Hi I'm Meisha, the lead designer and creator of Moss & Floret. I began my love of flowers when I was just a girl, strolling through my grandmother's intoxicating,pink peonies and roses!  The summer trips with grandma to the greenhouses graduated into working at a greenhouse as a teen and filling my parents yard with more flower beds than anyone knew what to do with!  The idea to begin designing and creating floral arrangements along with custom baskets developed slowly over my adult years through gift giving, weddings, funerals and everything in between for friends and family.  With the encouragement of those near and dear,I finally decided "I might as well get paid, I guess!" What I also discovered after taking the leap, was I actually had a real flare and love for the creative work, a natural talent (so they tell me) and the honor of working with so many amazing people, from clients to teams behind the scenes,was extremely rewarding!  Along with my love for flowers, is my fantastic husband and kiddos! He can be found, with our two children in tow, working alongside me in the studio, or visiting for a quick minute during a grueling, several day event.  You may even find him hanging decor...much to his chagrin! Its an adventure...and we have flowers to decorate it with!

I look forward to visiting you and helping create the next event of your life!  

Meisha Essex